Whether you are recording a demo or full length album, Alexander Mathias can help you hone your sound and give you the creative input you need to make an impact with your music. From start to finish, Alexander has the skills and expertise to guide you and your music all the way from the recording process to the mixing and mastering stage. Alexander is constantly keeping his ears open to the latest production techniques, making sure it has that "commercial" sound while putting his own unique stamp on every song he produces.

As a producer Alexander will:

Guide you or your group in terms of the instrumentation arrangement by using builds and breakdowns
Suggest melodic "hooks" that keep the listener engaged
Guide the vocalist in terms of performance approach, making sure they capture their best vocal takes
Program contemporary sounding beats depending on the genre of music
Perform/Program other contemporary electronic synthesized  sounds depending on the genre

Alexander is also available to Mix and/or Master your tracks if you wish to go this route.

If you are on budget and don't have the money to hire a large studio, multiple instrumentalists and expensive mixing and mastering engineers, you can get an all in one package for a fraction of the cost. Click here for more details.

Listen to a small selection of the different production styles below where everything is performed/programmed, written, produced, mixed and mastered by Alexander Mathias. Contact him here with a description of your project and/or to ask any questions you may have.